BBL Co., Ltd.

About BBL Co., Ltd.

BBL Co., Ltd. offers professional services by making maximum use of its cultivated experience and specialized knowledge relating to “organization and people”.

Organization Development

We create strong organizations in which employees can maintain dynamism, performance and superior results.
Organization Development

Human Capital

We create educational systems and deliver training sessions so that each employee fulfills his or her potential within the organization.
Human Capital Development

Business Start-Up

We offer support for business start-ups and overseas companies seeking to enter the Japanese marketplace.
Business Start-Up Assistance

Human Resources
Manager Work Support

Our human resources professionals perform your company's human resources management work and provide on-the-job training for staff.
Human Resources Manager Work Support

Skill Development/Career Development Personal Assistance

We provide a "home tutor" service for business skill and career development.
Skill Development/Career Development	Personal Assistance

Management Counselors

As management counselors, we offer management advice from a long-term viewpoint.
Management Counselors
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BBL Co., Ltd. has made many accomplishments in the field of consulting. Our clients include both Japanese and overseas companies ranging from major corporations to venture enterprises. Our clients represent a wide variety of industries including finance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, IT, communications, and professional firms. We are capable of dealing with all facets of "organizations and people," including human resources system design, PMI, change management, training program development, training lecturers, and business coaching. Please feel free to ask us about the specifics of our accomplishments and prior work.
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